SOx scrubbing made simple

Over the years VDL AEC Maritime has managed to make scrubbing simple. Our scrubber is easy to operate, maintenance free, can be fitted into every vessel and is applicable to all types of engines. 

Complexity is simple, simplicity is hard
VDL AEC Maritime explicit promise is ‘scrubbing made simple’. It is one of the primary reasons why our customers choose our scrubbers. VDL AEC Maritime scrubbing technology is highly sophisticated, the result of many years perfecting it to make it as clean and simple as it is today. We offer an all-in- one solution that cools gasses and removes sulphur and particulates at the same time. Most scrubbers are complex, not ours. In the open tower structure there are no moving parts, no filters, no change of a polluted packed bed. Consequently there is a low backpressure. This means low maintenance. Our system is also easy to operate and can be taught during a 4 hour training.


“We were intrigued by the simplicity of the AEC scrubbing system. Their technology works without filters. There is no pollution on the deck, no filters to clean and no maintenance. After testing the VDL AEC Maritime closed loop scrubber on the Schleswig-Holstein we were so convinced, we ordered scrubbing systems for three more vessels.”

Fini Alsted Hansen, Technical Superintendent Fleet Management at Scandlines.