Open loop scrubber system


The open loop scrubber system uses seawater to lower the sulphur content of the exhaust gasses to an equivalent of 0,1%. The process water is discharged overboard in compliance with IMO 2020 regulations.

Open loop systems are primarily used for vessels that operate mainly at open sea.

Working principle

1. Exhaust gasses enter via the bottom side of the scrubber tower
2. Seawater is inserted at the top of the scrubber through spraying nozzles
3. This results in an equally divided spray pattern throughout the scrubber
4. Sulphur particles in the exhaust gas attach to the water droplets under the right temperature and process conditions
5. Cleaned exhaust gas leaves via the top of the scrubber tower
6. The seawater leaves* via the bottom and is discharged overboard.

* pH, turbidity and PAH are continuously monitored in accordance with IMO regulations, MARPOL Annex VI resolution MEPC.259 (68)