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VDL Groep welcomes you to this website and appreciates your interest in our company, products and services. As VDL Groep greatly values your privacy, we think it is important to inform you how we handle your personal data. This privacy policy applies to all personal data that visitors to the website of VDL Groep B.V. or its subsidiaries leave behind. For the sake of transparency, this privacy policy describes what we do with these data.

Types of personal data

The personal data that VDL processes via the website often include your contact details, such as a name and e-mail address, a search query you enter, or a question you ask in the submission form. You can also use the functions ‘Vacancies, Working at VDL, Internships & Training and Contact’ to search for vacancies. These vacancies can be saved and linked to your IP address, for example, as well as the information that a website visitor uploads or enters on the website. We also obviously process uploaded CVs and cover letters.

Information about you as a visitor to this website, such as your IP address and click behaviour, may also be stored automatically. We often extract this information directly from your visit with what are known as cookies. More information about this is available in the cookie statement.

We wish to point out that even if you visit the website as a business customer, we regard these data as indirect personal data and thus guarantee your privacy.

Purpose of processing personal data

We process data that you provide to VDL Groep via the website for general business purposes, such as providing information about certain products and services. We can then contact you using the stored personal data.
Your data may also be used to send digital newsletters, if you have expressly given consent for this purpose. We regard this form of contact as VDL’s legitimate interest.

The website is also intended as a job application channel and vacancies are shown on the website. These processing activities are also regarded as VDL’s legitimate interest, and necessary for preparing and performing an employment contract.


The processing activities at least include sending personal data within VDL Groep. This website serves as a central point, and personal data are forwarded to the entity that you wish to approach as a business customer or job applicant. Obviously, these personal data will be forwarded only if there is a necessary reason and only to recipients for whom the personal data are relevant. Your data may sometimes be shared with foreign VDL entities.

If VDL believes you are using the website unlawfully, this constitutes a reason to forward your personal data to a third-party recipient for legal purposes.

Our website contains buttons in various places that provide access to social media channels. If you use these social media buttons, the privacy statement of the channel concerned applies and it will furthermore store your personal data. VDL has no influence on, and assumes no responsibility for, the use of social media buttons on its website.

Retention period

VDL Groep does not retain your data for longer than is strictly necessary. For the purposes described above, a six-month retention period is reasonable. VDL may also retain anonymised data for statistical and research purposes. VDL will not retain personal data received for the purpose of, or leading up to, a job application for longer than four weeks after that procedure closes. If VDL has requested and obtained your consent, it may retain these job application data for a maximum of one year.

Your rights

Because we process your personal data, you may:

  • Submit a request for access to your personal data
  • Submit a request to rectify or delete certain personal data if they are irrelevant or incorrect
  • Submit a request for restriction and object to the processing of personal data
  • Submit a request for data portability
  • Withdraw your consent

If you wish to make use of one or more of these options, please contact When considering all requests and your rights, VDL will weigh up interests and grant your request as far as possible. If you wish to withdraw your consent, for whatever reason, we must comply with that decision.

Any personal data you leave on this website are provided voluntarily. However, we obviously cannot contact you, provide you with information, or process a job application if we do not have the correct personal data.

Changes and notifications concerning your privacy

If you have questions or remarks about our processing of your personal data, please contact us at We will do our utmost to help you. If you wish to respond to this privacy policy or believe that VDL Groep is not acting in compliance with it, please contact VDL Groep at . If we cannot find a solution, you always have the option of reporting the situation to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

This privacy policy was last amended on 25 May 2018 and applies to VDL Groep B.V. (P.O. Box 8811, 5605 LV Eindhoven, the Netherlands). If VDL chooses to amend this privacy policy, it will be announced on this page.

Cookies, or similar techniques, that we use

VDL Groep uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit this website. This makes it possible to recognise your device during a visit and follow-up visit.

Analytical cookies 

Cookie name: _ga / _gat / _gid / _gat_UA-109604018-1
Purpose: with these cookies from Google Analytics we measure how the website is used and from where visitors have come to the website. This information is used to optimize the website.
We have not allowed Google to use the obtained information for other purposes, such as other Google services. However, the information is accessible to Google and will be provided by them to third parties if Google is legally obliged to do so. We have no influence on this.
Storage period: _ga: 26 months / _gat and _gid: 1 day / _gat_UA-16211014-1: 10 minutes

  • Om het zakelijk gebruik van onze website te meten, gebruiken wij de dienst Leadinfo uit Rotterdam. Deze dienst toont ons bedrijfsnamen en -adressen op basis van IP-adressen van onze bezoekers. Het IP-adres wordt hierbij niet opgenomen. (NL)
  • To measure the business use of our website, we use the service Leadinfo from Rotterdam. This service shows us company names and addresses based on the IP addresses of our visitors. The IP address is not saved. (EN)

This privacy policy was last amended on 22 August 2018.