Excellent cooperation during recent VDL AEC Maritime EGCS installation on board Thenamaris-managed vessels

Excellent cooperation during recent VDL AEC Maritime EGCS installation on board Thenamaris-managed vessels

29 September 2020 14:33
VDL AEC Maritime’s scrubber solution was recently installed on board the M/T “SEAVIOLET” which is operated by Thenamaris Ships Management Inc., based in Athens, following the previous successful installation on board the M/T “SEAKING”. The challenge during this installation was the integration of the system while the vessel was afloat berthed alongside a pier.

The Suezmax M/T “SEAVIOLET” underwent the scrubber installation within a very short time period and the project was completed after commissioning the system during the sea trials. This achievement was possible due to the excellent work performed by the project team of Thenamaris in close cooperation with VDL AEC Maritime, including the project managers and the engineering team, starting from the initial stages of the project through to detailed planning and throughout the entire installation. The close cooperation between all parties involved helped achieve the completion of the project within the planned time period and with very high-quality standards.

In addition to the EGCS installation at the pier, which significantly reduced the retrofit costs, VDL AEC Maritime integrated an optimization upgrade which reduces the required water consumption while being in 0,1% compliance, therefore increasing the efficiency of the scrubber technology. “The results during the sea trials were excellent,” stated the project manager of VDL AEC Maritime. He added, “We are very proud that our developments are helping our clients to continuously increase the efficiency of their fleet while being in full compliance with the IMO regulations.”

“We are very pleased to witness the successful completion of this retrofit project, our first in Greek territory and in such a short period of time, which made us very proud. The close cooperation, hard work, determination and attention to detail of all involved payed off!”, noted Vasilis Valsamis, project manager in charge of retrofits for Thenamaris.

Thenamaris Ships Management Inc.

Thenamaris Ships Management Inc., established in 1970, is a global ship management company of high specification modern ocean-going vessels. The Thenamaris and Thenamaris LNG fleets under management currently comprise 97 vessels in total: oil tankers carrying crude oil and oil products such as gasoline and diesel oil; bulk carriers which transport dry bulk cargoes such as grain, coal and iron ore; containerships; and LNG and LPG carriers co-managed by Thenamaris and Thenamaris LNG Inc.

VDL AEC Maritime

The Dutch company VDL AEC Maritime offers high quality scrubbing technology and is based in Eindhoven. The company’s extensive research into emission and odour-reducing techniques dates back to 1994. VDL AEC Maritime now offers complete and tailor-made scrubber systems for shipping companies. With almost 100 systems already installed across numerous vessel types & sizes, VDL AEC Maritime is building a reputation of delivering a high-quality product combined with simplicity of use.

References of more than 100 EGCS on board various types of vessels is proving the simplicity and quality of VDL AEC Maritime’s scrubber system. VDL AEC Maritime has its own in-house manufacturing plant at VDL KTI located in Belgium. Both companies are under the flag of VDL Groep.

About VDL Groep

Strength through cooperation. That is the cornerstone of VDL Groep, the international industrial family business headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1953 by Pieter van der Leegte. Initially VDL Groep specialized in metalworking. Later, when his son Wim van der Leegte took over the company, the portfolio was expanded to include plastics processing, the development, manufacture and sales of buses and coaches, and high‑tech subcontracting for the semiconductor industry and others.

Today VDL Groep is a major player in the subcontracting and semi-finished products sectors, producing its own finished products, such as suspension systems, active in automotive factory automation, and building heat exchangers and container handling systems.  The family business also owns VDL Nedcar in Born, the Netherlands' only large passenger car assembly factory, which carries out assembly line production of cars for third parties. VDL Groep innovates through a combination of craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and high‑quality machinery. The group of companies combines the strength of a multinational with the flat organisation and open, informal working atmosphere of a family business where priority is given to growth opportunities and continuity. VDL Groep operates with around 16,000 employees in 20 countries. The group comprises 105 operating companies, each with its own specialty, which work together intensively. The combined annual turnover in 2019 was 5,780 billion euros.