50% cost reduction on fuel

Interested in saving up to 50% in fuel costs (compared to MGO) in Emission Control Areas (ECA)? Scrubber specialist, VDL AEC Maritime, offers SOx scrubbers which make it possible to operate on HFO fuel instead of expensive low Sulphur oil (LSFO) or MGO. And that’s not all.

Simplicity is cost effective
Apart from being able to continue using inexpensive HFO while complying to IMO regulations like all scrubbers do, VDL AEC Maritime offers some specific cost-saving advantages. Most importantly, our scrubbers require a mere 0,5% of engine power, which makes it up to three times more cost efficient than competitors. Other advantages of the simplicity of the VDL AEC Maritime system are low maintenance and training costs. Moreover because of its simplicity, installation time and cost at the shipyard are limited.


“We were intrigued by the simplicity of the AEC scrubbing system. Their technology works without filters. There is no pollution on the deck, no filters to clean and no maintenance. After testing the VDL AEC Maritime closed loop scrubber on the Schleswig-Holstein we were so convinced, we ordered scrubbing systems for three more vessels.”

Fini Alsted Hansen, Technical Superintendent Fleet Management at Scandlines.