OPEN loop scrubbers

Process water is discharged directly back to sea while complying fully to IMO regulations.

How does it work?

Exhaust gases are led through the scrubber from the bottom of the scrubber to the top
Seawater is inserted at the top of the scrubber through spraying nozzles

  • This results in an equally divided spray pattern throughout the scrubber
  • Exhaust gases are washed with the seawater in the scrubber tower
  • The sulphur in the exhaust gases will dissolve in the process water
  • The seawater (process water) is directly discharged to open sea. (OPEN loop)
  • The pH, turbidity and concentration of PAH are constantly monitored in accordance with MARPOL Annex VI resolution MEPC.259 (68)
  • The cleaned exhaust gases will leave the scrubber free from Sulphur and particles
  • The demister will remove any final moist

More information can be found in our brochure. Download here.