SOx Scubber basics

Scrubbers are designed to reduce 99% of sulphur emissions while using regular HFO fuels. How does this work?

VDL AEC Maritime offers an unique all in one solution that cools gases, removes sulphur and eliminates almost all particulates at the same time. The scrubber has an open tower structure without moving parts.

VDL AEC Maritime scrubbers are extremely compact and always tailor made, designed to fit the space available in new build or retrofit. VDL AEC Maritime offers closed loop scrubbers, open loop and hybrid scrubbers. These three systems have an inline configuration, where the scrubber is directly attached to the engine(s), which makes the system even more compact.


“We were intrigued by the simplicity of the AEC scrubbing system. Their technology works without filters. There is no pollution on the deck, no filters to clean and no maintenance. After testing the VDL AEC Maritime closed loop scrubber on the Schleswig-Holstein we were so convinced, we ordered scrubbing systems for three more vessels.”

Fini Alsted Hansen, Technical Superintendent Fleet Management at Scandlines.